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In partnership with Antmicro, Capable Robot is pleased to offer their Jetson Nano / Xavier NX Baseboard for purchase.

The baseboard is designed to unlock the power of NVIDIA’s versatile modules, putting them at the heart of cutting-edge projects and driving innovation in areas such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, drones, medical and industrial object recognition systems.

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This is not your standard USB Hub, it has:

  • Per-port USB data pair disconnects
  • Per-port power monitoring & control
  • 6A of 5V power regulation for downstream devices
  • A suite of physical world IO (I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO)
  • Open-source Python firmware
  • 10x RGB LEDs showing data and power states of all ports

The Programmable USB Hub is perfect for embedded system development, hardware-in-the-loop testing, and use in industrial environments where highly-reliable USB communications is needed.


A suite of GMSL-based camera products are in development and coming soon. Watch this space!

Test Equiptment

SenseTemp is an open source, four-channel temperature sensor designed for instrumenting electronics. It uses extremely accurate platinum resistive temperature detector (RTD) elements which are small enough to place directly on ICs, heatsinks, and other points of interest on an electronic circuit board.

SenseTemp is available at

SenseTemp TEC is an expanded version of SenseTemp that adds everything you need to power and control a thermo-electric cooler (TEC, a.k.a. Peltier junction). With SenseTemp TEC, not only can you measure temperature, you can control it, too.

SenseTemp TEC is available at