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This M12 Mounting Kit allows you to use M12 (S-Mount) lenses instead of C-Mount lenses with the Raspberry PI High Quality Camera.

Using M12 lenses on the Sony IMX477 can be advantageous as M12 lenses:

  • Can provide wider fields of view than common C-Mount lenses.
  • Are smaller, lighter, & less expensive than comparable C-Mount lenses.
  • Are often more vibration resistant than C-Mount lenses.
  • Are easy to focus lock, due the inherient nature of M12 mounts.
M12 Mounting Kit for PI HQ Camera
Lens Mount with IR Cut Filter & M12 Lock Nut

M12x0.5 Lock Nut
3mm thick with 18mm hex exterior
The Raspberry PI High Quality Camera and M12 lens must be purchased separately, they are not included in the Mounting Kit.

M12 Mounting Kit Details

The M12 Mounting Kit for PI HQ Camera includes:

  • Lens Mount with landscape or portrait mounting for the PI HQ Camera.
  • 650nm IR-cut filter with anti-reflective coating bonded to the Mount.
  • Lock Nut which prevents rotation of the installed lens.

The Lens Mount and Lock Nut are made from 6061-T6 Aluminium and are anodized black.

Two sets of M2 tapped holes on the rear of the mount allow the PI HQ Camera to be mounted in landscape or portrait orientations.

The bottom face has a 1/4-20 tapped hole (for tripod mounting) and two M3x0.5 tapped holes.

M12 Lock Nut Details

The M12x0.5 Lock Nut is also available for purchase separately from the Mount, as it can be used with many other M12 lens mounts and cameras. It is common for M12 lens mounts to use small set screws to prevent the installed lens from threading in and out (which causes focus shift). These set screws have several issues:

  • They can mar the lens barrel, damaging the mount if focus needs to be adjusted in the future.
  • They require thread-locker or other forms of retention as they cannot be torqued properly.
  • They are prone to stripping out as the driving hex or slot features are very small.


Dimensions 38 x 38 x 16 mm
Weight 30 g
Mounting 1/4-20 tapped hole Standard tripod thread on the bottom face of the Mount
2x M3-0.5 tapped holes On the bottom face with a 20mm separation
4x 2.6mm THRU on front Matching the corner holes of the PI HQ Camera