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Robots with functional flexibility, advanced behaviors, and intelligence

No other kind of technological product has so many conflicting requirements. It's no surprise that robot integrators find few compelling components to integrate into their systems, and end up building underlying technology prior to tackling the domain-specific efforts. ... read more


Autonomous vs Automated -- What are we building?

Much has been written about the use of 'automated' versus 'autonomous' when it comes to robots and vehicles (car, trucks, etc). Despite that, I've not seen a short & clear analysis of these key words based on true definitions. This post attempts to be that analysis and clarify the distinct nature between these terms. ... read more


Robot software should be modelled on cloud-infrastructure

I was in the SF Bay Area recently, meeting with folks who fund companies and meeting with potential partners and customers of Capable Robot Components.

It was a great trip because of the conversations I had about robotic system design. Talking with new friends who have built robotic systems and who are building robotic systems helped me to condense and clarify my thoughts and experiences here. ... read more