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SDI to MIPI CSI-2 Bridge

In partnership with Antmicro, Capable Robot is pleased to offer their SDI to MIPI CSI-2 Bridge for purchase.

Antmicro offers hardware customization and software services around this converter, and Capable Robot can manufacture such custom variants.

Open Hardware

This product is licensed under the MIT License and all sources are available in the Antmicro GitHub Repository.


This device enables connecting industrial and filmmaking cameras and video accessories to platforms which include the MIPI CSI-2 interface.

The board has an input BNC connector which accepts the SDI signal and Antmicro's standard 50-pin FFC output connector (compatible with the Jetson Nano / NX Baseboard and other open hardware boards from Antmicro), which exposes MIPI CSI-2 lanes and an I2C bus for board configuration.

SDI signal conversion is implemented with a Semtech GS2971A deserializer which passes the parrallel 10-bit video data to the Lattice CrossLink LIF-MD6000-6KMG80I. The CrossLink IC includes programmable logic and dedicated MIPI D-PHY transceivers. It can be configured to accept parallel video data from the deserializer and transmit it over MIPI CSI-2 to the host platform. SPI and I2C programming interfaces are exposed so the deserializer and CrossLink programmable logic device can be configured from the host platform.

Key Features

  • Implements Single Link (3G-SDI) video conversion.
  • Supports SMPTE ST 425 (Level A and Level B), SMPTE ST 424, SMPTE ST 292, SMPTE ST 259-C and DVB-ASI as defined by the Semtec GS2971A specification.
  • Integrated loopback BNC connector for easy daisy-chaining with multiple SDI video accessories.
  • Audio de-embedder for 8 channels of 48kHz audio exposed on I2S 10 pin header.
  • Two 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 interfaces with up to 6 Gbps, each exposed on the 50 pin FFC connector.
  • I2C configuration interface to handle CrossLink FPGA and SDI deserializer.
  • SPI interface for CrossLink configuration.
  • 12x DIP switches to initially configure the deserializer.
  • 2 LED indicators for user purposes.
The first limited-run of assembled boards is currently being produced. There is a pre-order limit of four baseboards per customer and your order will ship in late Janurary. Future production runs of the baseboard will not have order limits and volume pricing discounts will be available.

[PREORDER] Flex Cable - 50 pin to 50 pin
Allows connection of the Bridge to the Jetson Nano / NX Baseboard.

[PREORDER] Flex Cable - 15 pin Host to 50 pin Device
Allows 2-lane connection to hosts which use the Raspberry PI Camera Connector (15-pin, 1mm pitch) pinout.

[PREORDER] Flex Cable - 22 pin Host to 50 pin Device
Allows 2-lane connection to hosts which use the Raspberry PI Camera Connector (22-pin, 0.5mm pitch) pinout.
Flex cables to the Rasberry PI camera pinout are provided to ease connection of the SDI to MIPI Bridge to a variety of MIPI Hosts, as the PI camera pinout is commonly used. At this time, there is no software support for connecting the SDI to MIPI Bridge to the Raspberry PI.